New Chanel 9 Eye Shadow Palette



New Chanel 9 Eye Shadow Palette
New Chanel 9 Eye Shadow Palette

Add color to your eyes with the Les 9 Ombres de Chanel palette

Since the dawn of time, men and women have liked to make up their eyes. Moreover, one only has to go back to the history of Ancient Egypt to attest to this. At that time, it was simply a question of applying a line of black pencil like an eyeliner on the outline of his eyes. Over the centuries, trends and knowledge have greatly changed the art of makeup.

Now fashionable and colorful and there are countless different shades and textures of eye shadows. Chanel is no exception in this area and also offers us an exclusive creation: the Les 9 Ombres palette.

Dare to mix the textures of 9 Ombres Chanel!

Les 9 Ombres de Chanel is a small black palette containing, as its name suggests, 9 different eyeshadows as well as two foam brushes. The originality of this assortment is based on its unique combination of textures and colors. This small palette has something to meet all your desires, mixing renderings and daring to combine very bright shades with much softer tones.

The Les 9 Ombres de Chanel palette is the perfect color chart for creating pretty gradients or simply for using a powder as a liner, flush with the lashes. Les 9 Ombres de Chanel brings together several light and pearly colors as well as other darker shades that bring relief to the eyes. Therefore, by mixing several shades, you will only intensify the part of mystery that lies dormant in you!

An exceptional composition signed Chanel

With Les 9 Ombres, Chanel offers you a compendium of all her talent . Each of these powders displays an exceptional concentration of colored pigments. Thus, they deploy a particularly intense color and an irreproachable hold. In addition, Chanel has implemented a unique manufacturing process that facilitates the application of these powders and achieves perfect coverage in a single pass.

How to properly apply Les 9 Ombres de Chanel

The house of Chanel also gives you some application advice to avoid any missteps. Thus, know that the two green shades present in the palette fit together wonderfully. Lucia Pica, Creative Director of Chanel Makeup, also recommends always using a brighter, more intense shade with a softer tone.

Finally, know that, in the palette, the powders are presented by three. They form a rectangle of 3 colors which are specifically designed to harmonize with each other. By simply following this application process, you will for sure avoid errors of taste while bringing a touch of eccentricity and depth to your eyes. With your fingertips or using the brushes provided by Chanel, you will give your face unparalleled relief in a single pass. Your fiery gaze already promises to bewitch more than one!