New Chloé ad for its Nomade fragrance



New Chloé ad for its Nomade fragrance
New Chloé ad for its Nomade fragrance

Nomad, Chloé’s new distant adventure

After years of absence from perfumery, the house of Chloé decided to return in 2008 and try its luck again with a new feminine juice, symbol of romanticism, chic and delicacy. Until then, the house of Chloé was characterized by an aerial sensuality and always very elegant. Today, the brand seems to want to mark a turning point in its history. She gives us the portrait of a freer, daring and adventurous woman. Its new juice, Nomade, is a real journey of meaning. Thus, it is accompanied by an advertisement similar to a distant journey. Prepare your passport, Chloé is taking us on a trip!

Nomade, the new chypre breath of Chloé

Let’s start by presenting you the new Nomade perfume by Chloé . Nomade is a juice that breaks in many ways with the tradition of the brand. First of all, if Chloé had accustomed us to always very cubic bottles, Nomade is presented in a container with rounded shapes. All in generosity, it lets a pinkish beige light filter through its transparency. A pink tie is tied at the neck of its bottle. On the olfactory level, Nomade de Chloé is characterized by a chypre trail, both modern and natural, intense and mineral. Her fresh and luminous femininity is carried by a huge bouquet of freesia. A mirabelle plum gives it more sweetness and gluttony. Finally, it gains in depth on contact with oak moss.

Nomad takes us to Rajasthan

Advertising for the Nomade perfume plunges us into the heart of a distant land and more specifically that of Rajasthan. This new advertising spot contrasts radically with the usual world of Chloé. The images are rawer and more natural than ever. Femininity takes on a whole new meaning and is this time embodied by Ariane Labed, a sublime adventurer discovering a distant land. The image conveyed by the Nomade perfume is that of a woman in perfect harmony with herself. “My house is there,” she said. Here, in this light, in each encounter […] Let myself go, lose myself. It is the present moment. In a continuous movement. As long as I know that I am moving forward, that I live every moment, I feel at home ”.

Ariane Labed, Chloé’s new muse

For the occasion, the Chloé house decided to change muse and swapped the charming Clémence Poésy against the French actress Ariane Labed. Born in Athens to French parents, and having lived in Germany before settling her suitcases in London, she is a real woman of the world, clinging wonderfully to the image of this new perfume. Revealed by Athina Rachel Tsangari’s film Attenberg in 2010, her talent has already been rewarded with the Volpi Cup for best female interpretation, received from Quentin Tarantino, then president of the jury of the 2010 Venice Film Festival. Ariane Labed here embodies her very first role of muse and appears more natural than ever, hair blowing in the wind and no frills.