New Clarins Skin Illusion natural foundation



New Clarins Skin Illusion natural foundation
New Clarins Skin Illusion natural foundation

Clarins Skin Illusion SPF 15 Natural Moisturizing Foundation, a foundation that wears like a second skin.

The Clarins brand is not a brand like any other. Since its creation in 1954, the brand has had the desire to advance the beauty of women . For Clarins, essential oil is the gold of plants. The range of natural oils, 100% pure plant extracts, is a real benchmark in the world of beauty.

Clarins is a founding member of the NRSC (Natural Resources Stewardship Circle), which is an initiative to improve the sourcing of ingredients in conjunction with chain actors, producers, processors, and manufacturers. With the same technology, Clarins presents here Skin Illusion SPF 15 Natural Moisturizing Foundation.

Clarins Skin Illusion, high quality mineral and plant active ingredients

Clarins Skin Illusion SPF 15 Natural Moisturizing Foundation is a fluid foundation with an imperceptible serum texture that offers a “bare skin” effect. Result, your perfect complexion, radiant with beauty, luminous and without material effect.

The Skin Illusion foundation is perfect for obtaining a naturally radiant complexion. It is a moisturizing foundation with a “water sensation” that perfectly smoothes and unifies your complexion, giving it a most amazing “bare skin” effect. At the heart of its formula, we discover mineral and plant active ingredients of very high quality, selected for their transparency and their affinities with the skin.

Indeed, the pink opal powder brings an incomparable radiance to your face. The pink algae extract will hydrate and soften it, while stimulating cell regeneration. The vegetable micro-patch provides perfect and continuous hydration. Finally, the “Light Optimizing +” complex will optimize the luminosity of your complexion. Unified and all in transparency, your skin is radiant with well-being.

How to use your Skin Illusion Hydrating Natural Foundation SPF15

Applying your Skin Illusion foundation is quick and even. Of course, your skin should be thoroughly cleansed and clean. The application is done with the fingers for an ultra transparent result. For tailor-made coverage with each application, it is advisable to use the drip pipette.

Apply your foundation in light strokes from the center of the face outwards, then blend delicately towards the neck, the hairline as well as towards the ears. Your Clarins foundation is available in 10 different shades (Coffee, Cappuccino, Caramel, Amber, Honey, Wheat, Sand, Beige, Nude, Ivory).

High quality foundation, Clarins Skin Illusion SPF 15 Natural Moisturizing Foundation, is a perfect serum that smoothes your skin while unifying it. Thanks to its mineral and plant active ingredients, your Clarins foundation moisturizes your skin and the material becomes a “second skin”. Day after day, your skin is sublimated and perfectly made up.