New Clarins Supra Volume mascara



New Clarins Supra Volume mascara
New Clarins Supra Volume mascara

Brighten up your eyes with Clarins Supra Volume Mascara

Mascara is an ancestral product known since very ancient times and by many cultures all over the planet. Today, it is a staple of makeup for many women. As such, they come in all shapes and colors. Whether you want to gain volume, length or shine, beauty professionals have thought of everything to enhance your look. Nevertheless, few mascaras can boast of taking care of your eyelashes day after day and really making them gain length and volume in a lasting way. Clarins has nevertheless succeeded in this daring bet and has concentrated all its know-how in the new Supra Volume Mascara.

The immediately visible effects of Supra Volume Mascara

First, and like many mascaras, Clarins Supra Volume Mascaraacts immediately on your fringe of lashes. Thus, it allows, as its name suggests, to expand the volume of your eyelashes with a simple swipe. Thanks to it, your gaze immediately gains in intensity. What’s more, its intense color made from cassia flower wax immediately enhances the natural shade of your eyes. This one comes in two colors, either in an intense black or in a dark brown. Supra Volume Mascara provides optimal coverage with just one swipe. However, for more efficiency, do not hesitate to let it dry for two to three minutes before proceeding with a second application. It guarantees you an absolutely aerial result, applying the right amount of product necessary for an absolutely natural effect and never cardboard.

A Clarins treatment integrated into your mascara

However, for lasting results, Supra Volume Mascara contains natural active ingredients that act on your eyelashes day after day. Thus, it is considered to be a real care. Its action is visible after several applications, even on bare eyelashes. After four weeks of use, clinical tests have established an increase of more than 17.6% in the volume of the eyelashes of its users. In reality, Clarinsmanages to obtain this result thanks to an unprecedented combination of active ingredients promoting the thickening of the hair. So, just as hair can be with shampoo, your eyelashes appear stronger every day. In this case, this result mainly comes from the panthenol included in its formula. In addition, so as not to damage your eyes when removing make-up, the Supra Volume Mascara is designed to last all day but to be easily removed using a make-up remover when the time is right. So you don’t risk tearing your eyelashes off when you want to take off your mascara. No wonder then that more than 90% of users claim to be won over by this new generation mascara!