New Clinique Beyond Perfecting concealer



New Clinique Beyond Perfecting concealer
New Clinique Beyond Perfecting concealer

Camouflage signs of fatigue for the long term with Clinique’s new Beyond Perfecting Super Concealer

Clinique is a major beauty brand that was born in 1967, and which quickly revolutionized the world of cosmetics. With her, the idea was to make beauty accessible to all women. Today, Clinique can boast of being the largest brand of prestigious cosmetics in the world. The brand owes its notoriety to its constant desire to surpass itself and to find new formulas always more adapted to the needs of the women of its time.

However, women today have an increasingly stressful daily life. However, they do not necessarily want stress and fatigue to be noticed on their pretty face. It is therefore precisely to conceal the signs of fatigue that Clinique’s Beyond Perfecting Super Concealer has been designed.

Why is fatigue read on our skin?

The attribution of dark circles or bags under the eyes is mainly due to poor blood circulation or lymphatic tissue dysregulation. However, when we are tired, our microcirculation tends to slow down. Likewise, the lymph drains our tissues less well. As a result, blood clusters form, and small purplish traces appear under our eyes, because the skin is particularly thin. Puffiness, on the other hand, results from an accumulation of water and fat under the gaze.

The concealer is therefore an essential product to camouflage this kind of small imperfections. It is the ideal product for all of today’s busy women. So, even if your pace of life is hectic, it will no longer have to be read on your skin.

Beyond Perfecting Super Concealer, a long-lasting concealer

Clinique’s Beyond Perfecting Super Concealer is a flawless makeup product that perfects makeup, and conceals all small skin imperfections, starting with signs of fatigue. Unlike other concealers, Beyond Perfecting Super Concealer emphasizes duration. Its hold lasts more than 24 hours, a real feat.

Clinique’s Beyond Perfecting Super Concealer is an infallible makeup that will accompany you from early morning until night, and which will keep your skin fresh in all circumstances. Its texture does not fear humidity, excess heat or perspiration. Clinique’s Beyond Perfecting Super Concealer withstands all the hardships of everyday life.

It comes in many colored shades to get as close as possible to your natural skin tone. Its unique liquid-cream texture, its gentle formula, and its fragrance are very comfortable to wear. Clinique’s Beyond Perfecting Super Concealer adapts even to the most sensitive skin types. Its small compressible tube, meanwhile, slips very easily into a handbag. So, Clinique’s Beyond Perfecting Super Concealer will never leave you, and could well become one of your best everyday companions.