New Coach Floral feminine fragrance



New Coach Floral fragrance
New Coach Floral fragrance

Coach Floral Eau de Perfume, the new spring breath of the Coach brand

Coach is a brand which will soon be celebrating its 80th anniversary and which is today considered one of the most New York brands in the world. After having greatly distinguished herself in the world of leather goods, she decided to embark on the world of perfumes. His first juice was very soberly called Coach Eau de Parfum . On the strength of this successful launch, the brand has therefore decided to repeat the experience. This time the emphasis is on femininity and romance. Coach opts for a more springtime juice and invites us to discover his brand new Coach Floral Eau de Parfum.

The Coach Floral Perfume, a “leather tea rose”

First of all, let’s start looking at the scent of this already wildly awaited perfume. Coach has this time opted for a more feminine and poetic juice than ever. However, the brand does not forget its origins and a nod to its world of leather goods is therefore omnipresent in this perfume. The smell of leather is particularly intense. It is accompanied by many contrasts and everything is then a question of balance. Coach Floral Eau de Parfum takes off on the effervescence and freshness of lemon associated with a pineapple sorbet. However, it doesn’t take long to be tickled by a touch of more incandescent pink pepper. Femininity then takes over from this incisive soaring. The heart of L’Eau de Parfum Coach Floral is like a huge bouquet. It combines a breath of gardenia with sambac jasmine, true emblem of perfumery for women. Likewise, rose tea has been incorporated into its composition. TheCoach Floral Eau de Parfum gradually envelops itself in sensuality. Its recipe finally ends with a tantalizing trio of creamy woods, patchouli and musky flavors.

The return of Coach’s famous carriage on a bottle all in pink

Therefore, all that remains is to discover in more detail the visual of the new bottle of Coach Floral Eau de Parfum.. Its bottle is strongly inspired by that of its predecessor. Thus, her figure remained the same. It must be said that its round shape greatly facilitates the grip while echoing the feminine generosity. Its golden color of yesteryear has however completely disappeared in favor of a pink color. The Coach Floral Eau de Parfum only becomes more feminine, romantic and girly. A small leather flower is also tied at its collar, as on many of the brand’s handbags. Finally, a carriage is engraved on the front of this perfume. This is the logo of the Coach brand and an obvious reference to the many carriages that roam Central Park, to the delight of tourists.