New Courrèges Homme Sport fragrance



New Courrèges Homme Sport fragrance
New Courrèges Homme Sport fragrance

Courrèges Homme Sport gives us its aerial but seductive breath

Courrèges is an iconic brand of the 60s and 70s. It can boast of having mainly revolutionized the feminine wardrobe by creating skirts above the knee, dresses more marked at the waist, flats and short jackets. .

Nevertheless, it is today to the men that Courrèges wished to address. In recent years, the brand has been relaunching its men’s wardrobe, and this has also been paired with two new fragrancesCourrèges Homme and Courrèges Homme Sport are the latest two novelties from Courrèges. Focus on the athletic version of this assortment.

Courrèges and men, a long history

The new Courrèges Homme collection has been making a big splash since February 2014. Indeed, since that date, the entrepreneur Frédéric Torloting has breathed new life into the Courrèges brand and is gradually developing its masculine line. On this occasion, the Millésimes space on rue François 1er de Courrèges, dedicated to vintage pieces, was completely transformed into a men’s boutique.

Frédéric Torloting explains: “We wanted to broaden our spectrum while respecting the visual heritage of the brand”. However, know that this is not the first time that Courrèges is illustrated in the male universe. In fact, in 1973, the brand had already experienced the creation of men’s collections. In 1977, a perfume had even seen the light of day. Named FH77, it was a chypre and aromatic juice, embodied on screen by astronaut Patrick Baudry. Nevertheless, Courrèges then refocused on its favorite activity: female creation, at the expense of men. Today, Courrèges therefore marks a turning point in its history and even matches its couture creations with two new fragrances, including the latest Courrèges Homme Sport.

The new energizing breath of Courrèges Homme Sport

As the name of this perfume suggests, it is about highlighting the dynamic athletic image of men. All in transparency, this juice displays an invigorating scent, a real burst of energy to be offered day after day. It is delivered to us in a thick cube of transparent glass. Thus, it lets light through and instantly releases a feeling of purity and clarity. However, his very imposing stature suggests a particularly present virility. So what about its scent?

Well, Courrèges Homme Sport is in perfect harmony with its visual . It is a very fresh and clear juice while being sensual and masculine. It begins with a powerful scent of mint and then evolves into a heart based on violet. Indeed, the leaves of this plant bring a vegetal and energizing side to this juice. Its flowers, for their part, sublimate its powdery elegance. Finally, all the animality of this perfume shines through in its wake. It ends with a more seductive breath of musk which spoke volumes about its sensuality.