New Dior Capture Youth Matte Maximizer Serum



Matte Maximizer Capture Youth Serum
Matte Maximizer Capture Youth Serum

Dior Matte Maximizer Capture Youth Serum, an ally for oily skin

The Dior brand has been collaborating with the French University Pierre et Marie Curie for more than 10 years on research into skin oxidation. This natural phenomenon is largely responsible for skin aging. This ongoing research has led to the development of a new generation range of skincare products: Capture Youth . Composed of an antioxidant cream and five serums, this beauty protocol preserves the skin from aging and adapts to all the specific needs of different types of epidermis. The Matte Maximizer Serum is more specifically designed for oily skin.

The Matte Maximizer Serum a very mattifying treatment

Capture Youth Matte Maximizer Serum is a product that helps control excess sebum. Hence, it mimics the shine on the face and also manages to refine the skin texture. Its objective is to offer your face a perfect mattness and without imperfection. For this, Dior Matte Maximizer Serum brings together lactic acid, pink clay and zinc. These ingredients absorb excess sebum under all circumstances. At the same time, know that the Matte Maximizer Serum is made with 88% of ingredients of natural origin. As a result, its fluid and fresh texture is very respectful of the skin and your face immediately appears better balanced.

Application tips for this Capture Youth Dior serum

The Matte Maximizer Serum can be applied locally, to certain areas of the face, before being covered by Dior Capture Youth antioxidant cream. However, a few drops of this product can also be diluted directly in a dab of Capture Youth cream before the homogeneous mixture is distributed over your skin.