New Dior perfume: Poison Girl Unexpected



New Dior perfume: Poison Girl Unexpected
New Dior perfume: Poison Girl Unexpected

Poison Girl Unexpected, the new lively and sparkling interpretation of the Dior woman

The apple is a fruit very commonly consumed in France. However, beyond its purely taste aspect, it is also a strong symbol. He is the embodiment of temptation and the forbidden fruit. Consequently, many large perfume houses have adopted it. Dior has made it one of the most famous perfumes for women on the planet: Poison. This world famous juice was created in 1985. Nevertheless, as if to address a new generation of women, this perfume was finally modernized in a new collection, in 2016, called Poison Girl and an Eau de Toilette in 2017. Today, this assortment of fragrances is enriched by a third olfactory variant: Poison Girl Unexpected.

Poison Girl Unexpected, the scent of today’s rebellious women

Poison Girl Unexpected is more than just a perfume. It is a story of femininity seen through the eyes of Dior. If its wake has a false air of scandal, it is nonetheless refined. Poison Girl Unexpected reinvents one of the greatest myths of female perfumery. It is the symbol of a provocative woman, not afraid to assert herself, and often casually seducing. Always with a raised fist, the Poison Girl Unexpected woman has a signature that resembles her, full of daring and insolence.

Camille Rowe as the face of Dior Poison Girl Unexpected

To embody the image of Poison Girl Unexpected on the screen, Dior once again called on the seductive Camille Rowe. This Frenchwoman has been the face of this scented collection since its very first launch. She thus embodies the image of a young woman with a strong character and assumed sensuality. Burning with desire, yet today it displays a colder charm that may well capsize more than one!

Dior’s famous apple-shaped bottle brought back to center stage

In the register of temptation, the bottle of Poison Girl Unexpected is not left out. Of course, he reappropriates the famous apple shape of Dior’s first Poison. Its transparent base lets us glimpse a particularly girly and flashy pink juice. Contrasting with this incandescent luminosity, the black cap of Poison Girl Unexpected speaks volumes about the part of mystery of this bewitching woman. More rock than ever, Poison Girl Unexpected is a compendium of seduction!

The fresh new breath of Poison Girl Unexpected

From then on, we just have to discover the new fresh breath of this perfume. With him, “Dior is inspired by a new femininity that is freer, more daring and more pronounced than ever, and envelops us in a scented emotion as surprising as it is addictive”. The emphasis is on freshness, and Poison Girl Unexpected sets off on a unique combination of ginger and grapefruit. Its freshness is confusing and takes on light peppery and aphrodisiac accents. The Damask rose amplifies the femininity of the whole at its heart. Finally, Poison Girl Unexpected ends with a more sweet and warm vanilla base.