New Dioramour parufm by Dior



New Dioramour parufm by Dior
New Dioramour parufm by Dior

Dioramour, the romantic essence of the Dior Private Collection

It all started in 2004, under the artistic direction of Hedi Slimane. It was at this time that Dior decided to develop a collection of unique fragrances, both refined and very sophisticated. Bois d’Argent was the first juice to be created. Today, the Dior Private Collection continues to grow from year to year. However, this early 2018 has already been very prolific, and sees the appearance of many new creations , including Dioramour. Its name already says a lot about its ambitions and this is a particularly romantic fragrance.

Dior Private Collection

According to François Demachy, official perfumer of Dior, the Private Collection is symbolized by “Rare raw materials, daring olfactory biases, a limitless creation. This collection is the reflection of a freedom that only true luxury can allow. A beautiful recreation of the Perfumer. To make the essences that compose it, he does not hesitate to travel the world in search of exceptional raw materials. Nothing seems too good to sublimate this collection, and Dioramour thus appears as a compendium of nobility.

Dioramour, a very refined juice

Dioramour is based on a very refined recipe and highlights three main ingredients. However, each of them displays a remarkable quality and Dioramour is the pledge of incomparable refinement. It sets off on a powdery scent with a slightly retro look. Then, it is enriched with one of the noblest plants from the perfumer’s entire palette: the iris. Jasmine further enhances its femininity and gives the whole a more luminous opulence. Despite its very floral scent, Dioramour is presented as a juice intended for men and women. It is presented in the iconic cylindrical bottle emblematic of the entire collection.