New Eau de Rochas: Tropical Getaway



New Eau de Rochas: Tropical Getaway
New Eau de Rochas: Tropical Getaway

Rochas takes us on a journey thanks to the new Eau de Rochas Escapade Tropicale

Since its creation in 1970, the success of L’Eau de Rochas has not been denied and this juice still has many followers around the world. To maintain its reputation, Rochas does not hesitate to regularly produce limited editions. In this context, the brand has again chosen to create a new version. This time, this new juice is aimed at all travel enthusiasts who are in a hurry: put on their shorts, their straw hat and their pair of flip-flops to explore an exotic land. Focus on the new Eau de Rochas Escapade Tropicale.

The summer and exotic spirit of Eau de Rochas Tropical Escapade

L’Eau de Rochas is a fresh and sunny feminine scentwhich, since its launch in 1970, celebrates the benefits of the sun on morale. This perfume bestseller was once developed with inspiration from Greece and its landscapes. It was then about the sunrise over Delphi, the water of a waterfall flowing over the bluish rock, and all the olfactory subtleties of these unique and soothing places. Today, the destination is quite different. L’Eau de Rochas Escapade Tropicale takes us to a more distant land: that of a paradise island. The landscape is just as bewitching. By closing your eyes, you could almost have the impression of walking in the fine sand, letting yourself be lulled by the sound of the sea, the heat of the ocean and the blowing of the wind in the palm trees …

Rochas’ new feminine and sunny bottle

Before dwelling on its scent, let’s start by taking a closer look at the elegant bottle of Eau de Rochas Escapade Tropicale. Of course, the design of this container is strongly inspired by previous versions of Eau de Rochas. It is a question of a sculpted glass cylinder, whose unique texture and undulations play with the light, giving rise to multiple solar reflections in its juice. Eau de Rochas Escapade Tropicale is revealed in a slightly more girly pink color than that of Eau Sensuelle in 2009 . The whole is surmounted by a cylindrical cap similar to a precious stone. Finally, exotic plants are also featured on the label of this new bottle.

L’Eau de Rochas Escapade Tropicale, a floral, fresh and chypre fragrance

From then on, all we have to do is discover the scent of this new perfume. You will understand, summer and the tropics are the main themes of this juice. This results in a very colorful and contrasting composition. Eau de Rochas Escapade Tropicale begins with a fruity, fresh and sunny breath of lemon, blackcurrant and neroli. Its heart, meanwhile, opposes the freshness of water fruits to the depth of cedar. It is also at this moment that all the exoticism of Eau de Rochas Escapade Tropicale reappears , in a bewitching mango accord. The whole ends with a warm alliance of ambroxan and raspberry on which is deposited an animal and seductive flavor of musk.