New Filorga Lift Designer serum



New Filorga Lift Designer serum
New Filorga Lift Designer serum

The Filorga Designer Lift Serum, an unprecedented tightening treatment

If you take a piece of fruit and let it dry, you will find that its skin wrinkles. This is explained very simply: the water that is contained inside evaporates and it dries up. However, this is precisely what happens with human skin. Over time, our skin surface tends to be less hydrated and to retain less water in the heart of our cells. Therefore, it crumples. This is one of the most common signs of old age. To prevent these damaging effects of time, we invite you to discover the new Lift Designer Serum from Filorga .

The chemical action of Filorga Lift Designer Serum

First of all, the Lift Designer Serum is characterized by a very rich formula. This treatment contains collagen and hyaluronic acid, two essential ingredients for the skin. Combined together, they considerably tighten the epidermis, plump it up and thus sculpt the volumes of your face. As a result, your skin becomes more radiant and the signs of fatigue disappear. The Lift Designer Serum is a real cosmetic surgery without a scalpel. What is more, its benefits are more and more visible over the course of the applications.

The Lift Designer Serum and its mechanical action

At the same time, for even greater efficiency, Filorga has also integrated a mechanical action into its Lift Designer Serum. For this, it is supplied with a roller applicator. This allows you to perform small circular massages during its application. This gesture tends to facilitate blood circulation, which only increases the radiance of your skin. Combined together, the chemical and mechanical actions of the Lift Designer Serum work wonders!