New Forever Skin Glow foundation from Dior



New Dior Forever Skin Glow foundation
New Dior Forever Skin Glow foundation

Dior Forever Skin Glow, the secret to radiant makeup and absolute comfort

The foundation is an essential step to enhance your face. It is one of the most popular beauty products for women and offers a whole bunch of different benefits. Benefits for the skin, wide range of colors, flawless coverage, it will stop at nothing to enhance your pretty face! What’s more, year after year, the biggest beauty brands keep perfecting the formula. Inspired by all the latest make-up discoveries, Forever Skin Glow preserves the radiance of your skin and deposits a whole host of benefits that make it more beautiful naturally over time.

The unifying and tenacious formula of Forever Skin Glow

The Dior Forever Skin Glow first surprises with its impeccable hold. Indeed, nothing alters its adhesion and this foundation remains intact for 24 hours. Forever Skin Glow provides a radiant finish, both matte and velvety, from early morning until night. It limits the production of sebum, which further increases its adhesion. What is more, by acting on the dullness of your skin, it prevents the appearance of areas of shine. As a result, your face stays fresh all day, as if you had just put on makeup. Dior Forever Skin Glow is the secret to absolute perfection. It makes your face more even and tightens the pores. This fluid foundationenvelops your face and redraws its contours. Both matte and velvety, it comes in 31 different colors, enough to get as close as possible to your skin tone, for an even more natural look.

The soothing actives contained in Forever Skin Glow

The Dior Forever Skin Glow does not stop there and also takes care of your face for the long term. Indeed, it benefits from all of Dior’s cosmetological knowledge and incorporates the best of science into its recipe. Its formula is enriched with carefully selected care ingredients that always reveal a little more the sensuality of your skin. Not content with making up your face, it also unifies your skin and reveals its radiance day by day. For this, it provides lasting hydration and rebalances your face. Dior Forever Skin Glow also acts as a shield and protects you from external aggressions and UV rays. Indeed, its formula incorporates SPF35 index protection. Day after day, 84% of women find that their complexion becomes fresher and more natural.