New from Hermès: Un Jardin sur le Nil box



New from Hermès: Un Jardin sur le Nil box
New from Hermès: Un Jardin sur le Nil box

Hermès’s Garden on the Nile box takes us to the shores of Egypt

Since 2003, the Hermès house has explored the whole world in search of little corners of paradise. So, she decided to develop a collection called Les Jardins. Each of the juices that compose it takes us with a simple breath to an emblematic place in a region of the globe. This time, as the name of this perfume suggests, the Garden on the Nile projects us along the longest river in the world. A Garden on the Nile of Hermès is a unique sensory walk , filled with magic, along the water but not far from solar sandbanks and islands of vegetation. It is therefore all this Saharan poetry that we find in the Hermès box.

The floral and vegetal breath of a Garden on the Nile

A Garden on the Nile places the lotus flower at the center of its composition. The Nile water lily serves as a common thread for this perfume. It is enhanced by many other ingredients, starting with hyacinth and peony. The mango, meanwhile, gives it a more fruity and greedy breath. Grapefruit, in turn, reinforces its freshness and bitterness. Then, unexpected ingredients come into play: a Garden on the Nile contains tomato stems and carrot seeds. Its smell is herbaceous. It is finally caught by a more woody and mineral breath.

The box of the perfume Un Jardin sur le Nil Hermès

The set of a Garden on the Nile consists, of course, of this perfume. It is presented to us in a 100 ml spray bottle. For the occasion, it comes with its miniature bottle to slip into any of your handbags. Finally, a moisturizing body milk completes this set.